Monetising IoT: Four steps for success

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Most telcos have now accepted that they need to offer more than connectivity if they want to move up the IoT value chain. This report presents a four-step framework to help telcos define a successful IoT strategy.


Format: PDF filePages: 20 pagesCharts: 08Author: Roz ParkinsonPublication Date: November 2017

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • A four-step process to monetise IoT
  • Step 1: Look beyond connected device forecasts
  • Step 2: Map out your IoT strategy
  • Step 3: Be brave and commit
  • Step 4: Develop horizontal capabilities to serve your non-core verticals
  • Result: The T-shaped IoT business model
  • IoT data is a secondary opportunity
  • Conclusion

Table of Figure

  • Figure 1: Telcos are moving beyond IoT connectivity
  • Figure 2: IoT verticals and use-cases
  • Figure 3: Four possible roles within the IoT ecosystem
  • Figure 4: Telcos can play different roles in different verticals
  • Figure 5: IoT connectivity can be simplified into four broad categories
  • Figure 6: As the IoT field matures, use-cases become more complex
  • Figure 7: The technical components of an IoT platform
  • Figure 8: The T-shaped IoT business model

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: B2B2C, Business Model, data, Data analytics, EcoSystem, IoT, IoT connectivity, IoT verticals, M&A, partners, Platform, verticals