Lifestyle service aggregation: A revenue opportunity?

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Operators are packaging together a variety of lifestyle services across finance, commerce, entertainment and a range of household services as a way to diversify and build revenue streams outside the traditional telco business. Will it stick?


Format: PDF filePages: 58 pagesAuthor: Liam Mimnagh, David PringlePublication Date: April 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Lifestyle commerce and finance aggregation
    • KDDI’s Life Design strategy
    • SK Telecom’s T Universe lifestyle subscription platform
    • Vodacom’s lifestyle and payments super app
    • Takeaways
  • Entertainment aggregation
    • Optus’ SubHub “super bundle”
    • Verizon’s +play “super bundle”
    • Takeaways
  • Household service aggregation
    • Altice Portugal’s MEO Care household support services
    • Docomo’s Smart Life services
    • Orange’s Protected Home service
    • Takeaways

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Overview of aggregated lifestyle service opportunities
  • Figure 2: Barclaycard Payments: Top UK subscription categories
  • Figure 3: Korean household expenditure mapped to KDDI’s Life Design services
  • Figure 4: KDDI’s au economic zone
  • Figure 5: au Smart Pass Premium
  • Figure 6: au Smart Pass memberships, 2013-2022
  • Figure 7: au Pay consolidation of financial services and potential super app
  • Figure 8: Accelerating point circulation and expanding au Pay membership
  • Figure 9: au Denki’s economic zone benefits
  • Figure 10: KDDI’s commitment to healthcare
  • Figure 11: Early GMV and ongoing transaction volume of settlement and loans
  • Figure 12: Life Domain business operating revenue and income
  • Figure 13: Reducing churn and building NPS
  • Figure 14: T Universe All, Life, Mini, Slim subscription options
  • Figure 15: SK Telecom’s T Universe status FY 2022
  • Figure 16: Super app two-sided ecosystem
  • Figure 17: VodaPay
  • Figure 18: VodaPay and M-PESA App stages of product development (September 2022)
  • Figure 19: Vodacom’s financial services model
  • Figure 20: Optus SubHub
  • Figure 21: New SVoD Subscriptions in Australia 2022
  • Figure 22: Verizon’s +play
  • Figure 23: SingTel’s range of insurance services to households in Singapore
  • Figure 24: MEO Care’s advertising campaign
  • Figure 25: Docomo’s insurance services
  • Figure 26: Docomo’s health and wellness services
  • Figure 27: Docomo’s opportunities in healthcare and extended reality
  • Figure 28: Docomo’s growth opportunities for its Smart Life business
  • Figure 29: Docomo’s expansion of its financial services business
  • Figure 30: KDDI’s energy business
  • Figure 31: Orange’s Protected Home service
  • Figure 32: Three telcos in France venture into home security
  • Figure 33: Orange’s home protection system.


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