Leveraging insight: The neglected strategic capability

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Knowledge is power. So why don’t more telcos build it systematically? Expert analysis of four telco insight approaches yields 10 practical recommendations for maximising impact to the whole business, value for money, and minimising subjective bias.


Format: PDF filePages: 35 pagesCharts: 12Author: Olga HolinPublication Date: June 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Recommendations to maximise insight value
    • Telco insights challenge
    • Next steps
  • Introduction
  • Why are external insights necessary?
  • Insight management across the research lifecycle
    • Basic insight management process
    • Advanced insight management process
  • Telco insight management case studies
    • Telco 1
    • Telco 2
    • Telco 3
    • Telco 4
    • Set-up versus research type
  • How to increase the value of research in organisations
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Insight management requirements increase for strategic research
  • Figure 2: Organisational set-up for insight
  • Figure 3: Tactical versus strategic research
  • Figure 4: The basic insight management process
  • Figure 5: Insight management requirements increase for strategic research
  • Figure 6: The advanced insight management process
  • Figure 7: Organisational set-up for insight
  • Figure 8: Telco 1 insight set-up
  • Figure 9: Telco 2 insight set-up
  • Figure 10: Telco 3 insight set-up
  • Figure 11: Telco 4 insight set-up
  • Figure 12: The collaboration between Strategy and Insight functions

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