Innovation leader case study: Telefónica Tech AI of Things

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We spoke to Telefónica about its 10 year experience of building a data monetisation business (previously called LUCA). This deep dive into its strategy, organisational structure and the products developed highlights what it takes to succeed in this challenging market.


Format: PDF filePages: 36 pagesCharts: 7Author: Charlotte PatrickPublication Date: August 2021

Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
    • How successful has Telefónica been in data monetisation?
    • Learnings from Telefónica’s experience
    • Key success factors
    • Telefónica’s future strategy
  • Introduction
    • The origins of Telefónica Tech AI of Things
    • The formation of Telefónica Tech
  • Vision, mission and strategy
    • Scaling the business
    • Building a product set
    • Learnings from Telefónica Tech AI of Things
  • Organisational strategy
    • Where should the data monetisation team live?
    • Structure of Telefónica Tech AI of Things Team
    • External partnerships
    • Future plans
  • Data portfolio strategy
    • Tools and infrastructure
    • AI Suite
    • Vertical strategy
    • Product development beyond analytics
  • Conclusion and future moves

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Timeline of Telefónica’s data monetisation business
  • Figure 2: Timeline of Telefónica’s data monetisation and ML/AI products
  • Figure 3: Telefónica Tech AI of Things organisational structure
  • Figure 4: How AI of Things fit into Telefónica Tech
  • Figure 5: AI Suite capabilities
  • Figure 6: Current Telefónica focus areas vs. modelled value from data monetisation
  • Figure 7: Telefónica’s services for tourism agencies

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