How video analytics can kickstart the edge opportunity for telcos

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Analysis of the edge computing market highlights video analytics as a short-term opportunity with a large edge-addressable market. We examine the video analytics market today, the role of edge in stimulating growth, and the actions telcos can take to achieve success in this space.


Format: PDF filePages: 23 pagesCharts: 13Author: Miran Gilmore, Yannick MayaudPublication Date: April 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Processing video is a key use for edge computing
    • The edge market is evolving rapidly
    • Defining different types of edge
    • Telcos must identify which area of the edge market to focus on
  • Video analytics is a large and growing market
    • The market for edge-enabled video analytics will be worth $75bn by 2030
  • Edge computing changes the game and plays to operator strengths
    • What is the role of 5G?
  • Security is the largest growth area and operators have skills and assets in this
    • Video analytics for security will increasingly rely on the network edge
  • There is empirical evidence from early movers that telcos can be successful in this space
    • What are telcos doing today?
    • Telcos can front end-to-end video analytics solutions
    • It is important to maintain openness
    • Conquering the video analytics opportunity will open doors for telcos
  • Conclusion
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Value of edge use cases (by size of total addressable market by 2030)
  • Figure 2: The types of edge computing
  • Figure 3: Value of edge use cases (by size of total addressable market by 2030)
  • Figure 4: There are three main application areas for video analytics
  • Figure 5: Percent of edge-enabled video analytics revenue by use case: 2021 vs 2030
  • Figure 6: Video analytics is one element of VSaaS
  • Figure 7: Edge computing combines the benefits of both cloud and on-premise compute
  • Figure 8: Video analytics use case diagram
  • Figure 9: Transition of video analytics to edge
  • Figure 10: Telco solutions with video analytics today
  • Figure 11: Three relevant edge business models for video analytics
  • Figure 12: Split of revenue across the edge video analytics value chain
  • Figure 13: The video analytics ecosystem and value chain


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 5G, edge, edge computing, edge market, enterprises, infrastructure, Investment, market sizing, revenues, Use cases, Value chain, verticals, video analytics