How to sell full fibre to households

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Most consumers do not need FTTH speeds and capacity, but there are other reasons why households may pay a premium for full fibre connectivity.


Format: PDF filePages: 37 pagesAuthor: David PringlePublication Date: October 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Keep it simple and sell reliability
  • Introduction
  • The case for full fibre
  • Telefónica Spain is about to switch off copper
  • Deutsche Telekom sees slow and steady uptake
  • Orange is forced into aggressive pricing
  • BT is stretching the case for fibre
    • CityFibre puts BT under pressure
  • FTTH in developing countries is very different
    • Fibre makes incremental progress in Indonesia
  • Conclusions
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The relative strengths of FTTH and their importance to consumers
  • Figure 2: Usage of full fibre broadband varies dramatically across the developed world
  • Figure 3: Number of high-speed fixed broadband lines per 100 people
  • Figure 4: Annual growth of FTTB subscriptions, 2021-2022
  • Figure 5: The take-up rate of fibre connectivity across Europe
  • Figure 6: Performance of broadband tech in suburban scenarios (5 is the best score)
  • Figure 7: Telefónica Spain has steadily moved its broadband customers to fibre
  • Figure 8: Telefónica steers potential customers towards 600 Mbps broadband
  • Figure 9: Only a small proportion of DT’s broadband is using FTTH
  • Figure 10: DT flags the speed and green credentials of fibre in its consumer marketing
  • Figure 11: Orange France is cutting capex, but needs to lift revenues
  • Figure 12: Orange is steadily upgrading its broadband customers to FTTH
  • Figure 13: Strong uptake of fibre has not lifted Orange’s revenue per offer
  • Figure 14: Orange is pricing gigabit broadband aggressively
  • Figure 15: How BT positions its different broadband propositions
  • Figure 16: BT hopes to have 8.5 million full fibre customers by 2030
  • Figure 17: BT’s traffic forecasts appear to be rather optimistic
  • Figure 18: Vodafone UK’s broadband packages undercut those of BT
  • Figure 19: Very fast connectivity has a premium in Indonesia


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