How telcos can win with SMBs: Strategies for success

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The SMB market offers an attractive opportunity for telcos, but given historical difficulties in this space, what can telcos do now to be successful? This report explores key SMB product and channel strategies, as well as the supporting capabilities that telcos must invest in to win with SMBs.


Format: PDF filePages: 33 pagesCharts: 7Author: Tilly GilbertPublication Date: August 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • SMB markets: An elusive opportunity for telcos
    • SMB markets are attractive due to sheer size and (potential) margins
    • Telcos’ key challenges in SMB markets: Fragmentation, heterogeneity, “high-touch” engagement
    • There is a disconnect between what telcos think SMBs need and what they actually want
  • Untapped opportunities: Strategies for SMB market success
  • Channel strategies: Engaging SMBs to provide a “high-touch” experience
    • Short term channel strategies
    • Long term channel strategies
  • Product strategies: Where to win quick in a fragmented market
    • Short term product strategies
    • Long-term product strategies
  • Supporting capabilities: Where telcos should invest for success in the SMB market
    • Short-term supporting capabilities needed
    • Long-term supporting capabilities needed
  • Conclusion

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Best network performance was more important to SMBs than price when choosing their broadband provider
  • Figure 2: Telcos are not capitalising on the trust SMBs have in them
  • Figure 3: The short- and long-term strategies for success in the SMB space
  • Figure 4: Long term channel strategies may require significant investment, but should deliver bigger rewards
  • Figure 5: The most common reason for telcos to get in contact with their provider is to complain about network performance
  • Figure 6: SMBs look to the IT supplier to advise them about security
  • Figure 7: SD-WAN prioritisation of traffic

Keywords: AI, analytics, automation, Cloud Services, compliance, Customer Engagement, Cybersecurity, go-to-market strategy, SMB, SOHO