How telcos can flex their physical strength

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Amazon provides telecoms operators with a playbook on how to combine physical and digital assets into a compelling customer proposition. This 40 page report discusses how telcos can learn from and partner with Amazon.


Format: PDF filePages: 40 pagesCharts: 18Author: David PringlePublication Date: September 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Amazon: Coordinating convenience
    • Amazon’s physical footprint
    • Comparing Amazon with telcos
    • Whatever you want, however you want it
    • Exploiting end-user devices
    • Better consumer apps
  • How telcos can better harness their assets
    • Partnerships with Amazon

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Amazon’s fulfilment costs are rising steadily
  • Figure 2: Amazon’s physical asset base in North America is growing fast
  • Figure 3: The milestones of Amazon’s expansion across six segments
  • Figure 4: Mapping Amazon’s and telcos’ physical and digital assets
  • Figure 5: Amazon is spending almost US$30 billion a year on technology and content
  • Figure 6: Amazon’s six main revenue sources are all driving growth
  • Figure 7: Amazon Prime harnesses Amazon’s diverse set of physical and digital assets
  • Figure 8: Amazon now has data centres in most major markets worldwide
  • Figure 9: Amazon fulfilment network is growing fast in North America
  • Figure 10: Amazon’s fulfilment network in the U.S. is large and expanding
  • Figure 11: Amazon’s sizeable retail footprint in the U.S.
  • Figure 12: How telcos can use their assets to deliver more services and more value
  • Figure 13: BT’s extensive property portfolio in the UK
  • Figure 14: An incumbent telco can have extensive street-level infrastructure
  • Figure 15: BT has revamped the phone booth into a multi-purpose urban facility
  • Figure 16: Base stations could include units that communicate directly with vehicles
  • Figure 17: Small cells will give telcos a much greater physical presence in cities
  • Figure 18: How AT&T defined the edge of its network in 2017

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Amazon, consumer apps, data centres, distribution network, edge computing, retail stores