How can telcos be loved

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Loved brands have a range of advantages over other businesses, which over time creates significant commercial benefits. Simon Best, experienced telco marketing strategist, gives us his take on how telcos can achieve this goal — and which telcos are achieving it.


Format: PDF filePages: 43 pagesCharts: 21Author: Simon BestPublication Date: May 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Loved brands
  • Challenges for telcos in being a loved brand
  • Common telco strategies that have had limited success to date
  • What strategies could telcos adopt to succeed going forward?
    • Case study 1: TELUS brand positioning
    • Case study 2: o2 Priority Moments
    • Case study 3: MTN – sustainable economic value
    • Case study 4: Telstra Health
  • Deep dive:
  • What learnings can be drawn from successful strategies adopted by Orange
    • What has Orange done?
    • What has been the impact on Orange’s results?
  • How do others develop and sustain “the love”?
  • Recommendations for being a loved brand in the new era for telecoms
  • Index

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Business advantages for loved brands
Figure 2: Telecoms industry advertising spending worldwide 2020-23 (US$ billion)
Figure 3: Illustration of mobile brands in Spanish market
Figure 4: Examples of T-Mobile advertising in the US (2013 and 2016)
Figure 5: Selected data on TELUS Health
Figure 6: An example of early ticket release for Priority customers
Figure 7: MTN’s MoMo service
Figure 8: Fintech financial highlights
Figure 9: Fintech performance statistics
Figure 10: Telstra Health’s vision and purpose
Figure 11: Telstra Health key delivery areas
Figure 12: Telstra Health revenue projections
Figure 13: Telstra Australia is Why campaign
Figure 14: Orange’s view on committed brands
Figure 15: Orange’s purpose
Figure 16: Performance against commitments
Figure 17: Orange Bank statistics
Figure 18: Tesla’s mission
Figure 19: Lego’s earnings 1995-2015
Figure 20: Go Pro YouTube tutorial channel
Figure 21: Coca-Cola advertising expenditure 2014-2021 (US$ billion)

Keywords: branding, consumers, customer expectations, loved brands, marketing, operators, strategy, telcos, transformation

Companies: Apple, EE, MTN, 02, Orange, Telstra, TELUS