Growing B2B2X: Taking telcos beyond connectivity and 5G

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We review telcos’ current strategies to drive revenue streams beyond connectivity and enhance their role in the Coordination Age, and explore how they can better leverage 5G and other core capabilities to provide unique value in a B2B2X environment.

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Format: PDF filePages: 31 pagesCharts: 12Author: Yesmean Luk, Daniel SooPublication Date: October 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • The telecoms industry is looking to revive growth
    • New purpose, new role
    • Clearer on the vision, unclear on the execution
  • Beyond connectivity, but where to?
    • “Selling the service sandwich”
    • Horizontal play: Being the best application enabler
    • The vertical-specific digital services provider
    • There is no “best” approach: Some will work better for different operators in different situations
    • 5G is a trigger but not the only one
  • Accelerating the shift towards partnerships and ecosystems
    • Some operator ‘ecosystems’ look more like partnerships
    • Not all telcos define ‘ecosystems’ the same way
    • Most telcos focusing on ecosystems want to orchestrate and influence the proposition
    • Many see ecosystems as a key potential route but ecosystems come with new requirements
  • The market is ripe for telco ecosystems
    • The interest in network intelligence is not new but this time is different
    • Telcos can provide unique value by making their networks more accessible
    • But so far, telcos have not fully embraced this vision yet
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: New challenges for telecoms in the Coordination Age
  • Figure 2: Potential telco roles beyond traditional connectivity
  • Figure 3: Three high-level telco ambitions beyond connectivity
  • Figure 4: There is no single best approach for operators
  • Figure 5: Four different strategies for operators
  • Figure 6: Telcos are shifting more towards partnerships and ecosystems
  • Figure 7: Partnerships are not the same as ecosystems, but can evolve into one
  • Figure 8: Some telcos favour closed ecosystems while others opt for open
  • Figure 9: The majority of telcos taking an ecosystem approach want to orchestrate
  • Figure 10: Ecosystems bring innovation, capabilities and defence against disruption
  • Figure 11: 5G, edge and telco cloud are driving the resurging interest in network intelligence
  • Figure 12: Greater integration between the network and application can enable better outcomes

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 5G, analytics, API, automation, cloud-native, collaboration, customer experience, ecosystems, edge computing, enterprise, Innovation, IoT, partnering, partnerships, Platform, Value chain, vertical strategy