Empowering hybrid working

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The world is entering the post-pandemic era of hybrid working. This report dissects enterprise perceptions of hybrid working and argues that operators have a crucial role to play in building a thriving hybrid working environment for enterprise customers.


Format: PDF filePages: 23 pagesCharts: 9Author: Ani KeshishyanPublication Date: October 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Hybrid working is here to stay
  • Workforce empowerment: A telco opportunity
  • Why are telcos well positioned to enable workforce empowerment?
  • Conclusion: CSPs shouldn’t waste the hybrid working opportunity
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Workforce empowerment is at the top of the telco offering pyramid
  • Figure 2: Top benefits are reduced commute time and autonomy over one’s time
  • Figure 3: Hybrid working has allowed my organisation to…
  • Figure 4: Hybrid working impacts both personal performance and team productivity
  • Figure 5: Impact of hybrid working on personal productivity (day-to-day vs. over time)
  • Figure 6: Impact of hybrid working on team performance (day-to-day vs. over time)
  • Figure 7: Four telco hybrid working solution layers
  • Figure 8: CSPs’ must augment their technology offering with advisory
  • Figure 9: Different ways to address the hybrid working opportunity


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: B2B, collaboration, connectivity, Culture, Data analytics, enterprise solutions, Hybrid Working, Performance, productivity, workforce empowerment