Employer brand: How to win strategic telecoms talent

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Telcos must improve their ability to attract and retain top talent to meet their transformation goals. By improving their employer brand, telcos can compete for key skills and secure a foundation for long-term growth.


Format: PDF filePages: 39 pagesAuthor: Angela AshendenPublication Date: February 2024

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Recommendations for telcos considering an employer brand investment
    • Next steps
  • Telcos face a skills gap
    • Industry transformation is driving a shifting skills landscape
    • The battle for talent
  • The importance of employer brand for telcos
    • Attracting top talent
    • Improving employee retention
    • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Building an employer brand strategy
    • Understanding employer brand: The audit
    • Articulating the employee value proposition
    • Shared responsibility and ownership
    • Measuring success
  • What employees want from a telco
    • Fair compensation and desirable benefits
    • Learning and development opportunities
    • Trust and recognition
    • Work flexibility
    • Wellbeing and work-life balance
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Sustainability and social responsibility
    • Great technology experience
  • Tactics for employer brand success
    • Facilitate employee advocacy
    • Lead by example: Leadership’s role in employer branding
    • Build a tech community presence
  • Getting talent over the line
    • Optimising the candidate experience
    • Pre-boarding and onboarding new hires
    • Do not neglect the offboarding experience
  • Conclusions
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Telco talent acquisition challenges
  • Figure 2: How employer branding helps attract top talent
  • Figure 3: The value of an employer brand audit
  • Figure 4: Insights gained from each stage in the talent lifecycle
  • Figure 5: Metrics for measuring employer brand success
  • Figure 6: Drivers of positive perceptions of compensation and benefits
  • Figure 7: Benefits that appeal to employees
  • Figure 8: Reasons to leave an employer
  • Figure 9: Amdocs’ #VacationWithoutLimits campaign
  • Figure 10: TELUS Days of Giving
  • Figure 11: Differences between employer brand advocates and ambassadors
  • Figure 12: Keri Gilder – CEO at Colt
  • Figure 13: Elisa Digital Developer blog
  • Figure 14: Priorities to help improve the candidate experience
  • Figure 15: PwC’s preboarding solution
  • Figure 16: EY’s Alumni Community on LinkedIn


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: ambassador, audit, benefits, brand, diversity, employee experience, employer brand, EVP, flexible working, Gen Z, offboarding, retention, skills, transformation