A new role for telcos in smart cities

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A successful smart city strategy is crucial in enabling cities to manage rising populations and compete for investment and talent at a national and global level. The challenge is getting the complex ecosystem of players and partners to work well. How can telcos position themselves as strategic partners in this transition, and help enable successful collaborative innovation?


Format: PDF filePages: 36 pagesCharts: 12Author: Saverio RomeoPublication Date: January 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Research methodology
  • The smart city lifecycle
    • The evolution of smart city strategies
    • Introducing the smart city strategy lifecycle
    • Smart city monitoring framework: What smart cities are trying to achieve
  • Smart city governance models: How cities are working towards their goals
    • Defining smart city governance
    • Mapping smart city governance models
    • Smart governance case studies
  • The smart city coordination opportunity for telcos
    • Telcos’ current participation in smart city governance
    • How telcos can develop a coordination role in smart cities
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Smart city strategy lifecycle
  • Figure 2: CITYKeys monitoring framework
  • Figure 3: Digital Cities Challenge components to a successful smart city
  • Figure 4: Smart city governance framework
  • Figure 5: From centralised to inclusive smart city governance models
  • Figure 6: Comparison of smart city governance models
  • Figure 7: Current governance models in 35 smart cities
  • Figure 8: Smart City Wien monitoring framework and results
  • Figure 9: Telcos’ role in the smart city lifecycle
  • Figure 10: Telcos’ involvement in governance of 35 smart cities
  • Figure 11: Benefits and challenges for telcos in smart city governance
  • Figure 12: Telcos as coordination partners in smart city governance

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 5G, coordination, EcoSystem, governance model, IoT, ITU, marketplace, monitoring framework, TELUS, vendor, Vodafone