Digital platform strategy: how Google, Apple and Amazon keep winning

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Telcos traditionally think of every new service as a profitable new revenue source, and create services in silos with little thought for the total customer experience and overall creation of value. In contrast, the big internet and tech players typically build their future offerings as part of an integrated strategy to raise the overall value of their platforms. This extract from ‘A Practical Guide to Implementing Telco 2.0’ shows key lessons for telcos. (September 2012, Executive Briefing Service, Dealing with Disruption Stream.) . Generic Telco Strategies September 2012


Format: PDF filePages: 12 pagesCharts: 6Author: STL research teamPublication Date: September 2012

Table of Contents

  • From isolated innovations to an integrated platform
  • Telcos’ strategic environment is tough
  • Current telco approach: silos of growth
  • The integrated platforms of the internet co-opetition
  • Conclusions – key lessons for telcos

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1 – The predicted impact of ‘OTT’ players on telcos’ core business
  • Figure 2 – Generic telco strategies
  • Figure 3 – Examples of the six Telco 2.0 Opportunity Types
  • Figure 4 – Telcos see opportunities to create value in every value chain segment
  • Figure 5 – Internet giants are pursuing platform strategies
  • Figure 6 – Time is running out for telcos

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