Digital identity: Four steps to maximising value

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Digital identity has become a critical aspect of modern life, but security and user experience are suffering from market fragmentation and limited visibility or control for end users over how their personal data is used. How can telcos build on their existing services to solve these challenges?


Format: PDF filePages: 37 pagesCharts: 13Author: Rosalind Craven, Ahmed AliPublication Date: January 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • The state of digital identity
    • Definitions and technology background
    • Types of digital identity
    • A fragmented market
    • Existing digital identity systems are not fit for purpose
  • Telco digital identity services: The story so far
    • Mobile Connect
    • Telco digital identity case studies
    • National digital identity initiatives
    • Estonia and Finland: Showing the way for national digital identity
    • Telcos’ roles in national digital identity solutions
  • Recommendations for telco digital identity efforts

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Evolution of digital identity solutions should address six key challenges
  • Figure 2: Three core elements of a secure digital identity
  • Figure 3: Total number of data breaches and victims, 2016 – Q3 2022
  • Figure 4: Number of online accounts accessed by users on a weekly basis
  • Figure 5: Providers of consumer / citizen digital identity solutions
  • Figure 6: Key concerns of users regarding their personal data and identity information
  • Figure 7: Six goals for the evolution of digital identity solutions
  • Figure 8: Countries where operators have deployed Mobile Connect
  • Figure 9: How Beeline MobileID simple login works
  • Figure 10: Fast Login from Turkcell
  • Figure 11: Authentication request using Mobile Certificate
  • Figure 12: Benefits and challenges for telcos providing national identity systems
  • Figure 13: Four steps to maximise the value of a digital identity system

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