Creating consumer value with smart Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi is central to the value proposition of home connectivity, but can hamper good broadband experience. Smart Wi-Fi services can address consumer pain points, and build new value by enabling a suite of advanced services and establishing a stronger telco presence in the connected home.


Format: PDF filePages: 43 pagesAuthor: George Glanville, Rosalind CravenPublication Date: November 2023

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Wi-Fi is an essential enabler in the connected home
    • Wi-Fi can let broadband down
    • Wi-Fi that is fit for purpose
    • More advanced Wi-Fi offerings can help telcos build value
    • Finding the right partnership model for smart Wi-Fi services
    • Next steps
  • Introduction
    • Turning Wi-Fi from a problem into a solution
    • What is smart Wi-Fi?
    • What can smart Wi-Fi do?
  • Understanding the smart Wi-Fi landscape
    • IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance
    • Traditional Wi-Fi device manufacturers
    • Specialist gaming opportunity
    • Newer smart Wi-Fi-dedicated companies
    • Smart home and smart Wi-Fi
  • Telco smart Wi-Fi propositions
    • Telcos reselling branded smart Wi-Fi
    • Telcos designing their preferred smart Wi-Fi offering
    • Working with Plume – a middle way?
  • How to sell smart Wi-Fi to consumers
    • Promoting smart Wi-Fi as a feature of higher value broadband plans
    • Creating additional upsell opportunities
    • Strengthening customer relationships and removing pain points
    • Competing on Wi-Fi
  • Conclusion
    • Recommendations

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Smart Wi-Fi layers of value
  • Figure 2: Partnerships for smart Wi-Fi
  • Figure 3: Market share of fixed broadband technologies, UK
  • Figure 4: Turning Wi-Fi into a solution
  • Figure 5: Wi-Fi 6 taking over shipments
  • Figure 6: Evolution of IEEE standards for Wi-Fi technology
  • Figure 7: Smart Wi-Fi offerings from traditional Wi-Fi players
  • Figure 8: Plume SuperPod
  • Figure 9: Summary of new entrants offering smart Wi-Fi
  • Figure 10: TalkTalk and eero partnership
  • Figure 11: Telco Wi-Fi offerings
  • Figure 12: Singtel’s Pro Gamer fibre bundle with ASUS RT-AX86U Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router
  • Figure 13: Example partnerships with Plume
  • Figure 14: GTM models used by CSPs with Plume
  • Figure 15: Better Wi-Fi tied to higher-end broadband tariffs
  • Figure 16: UK Wi-Fi guarantees show competitive arms race has reached stalemate


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Amazon, bandwidth, broadband, connectivity, consumer, fibre, Google, Smart Wi-Fi, telcos, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 7