COVID-19: Now, next and after

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What measures are telcos taking now to help their customers, and how should they start to re-think and re-plan future strategies in the course and aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic? We look at impacts across the business and outline four longer-term scenarios for the industry.


Format: PDF filePages: 38 pagesCharts: 8Author: Andrew CollinsonPublication Date: March 2020

Table of Contents

    • Executive Summary
      • It won’t be over by Christmas
      • Telcos and vendors can and should now do some great things
      • True leaders think ahead
      • Short-term: Some smart offers to copy
      • Mid term: Adjust, but don’t forget the future
      • Long term: Four possible scenarios
    • Introduction
      • World War C
      • Coronavirus and the Coordination Age
      • Three stages and three questions for telcos
    • Now: Shock and lockdown
      • The problems that need to be solved
      • Immediate actions
      • Starting to look ahead
    • Next: Finding a new, temporary normal
      • Identify possible turning points
      • The problems that need to be solved
      • Mid-term actions
      • Planning and contingencies
      • Telcos and the rise of the surveillance society
    • After: Rebuild and reshape
        • Scenario-planning: Looking back from 2025
        • Scenario 1: Back to (almost) normal
        • Scenario 2: Fragmented recovery
        • Scenario 3: Weak and distanced
      • Scenario 4: Stronger than before

Table of Figures

Figure 1: How telcos are supporting their customers
Figure 2: Financial markets rate telecoms as one of the sectors of the economy least hit by Coronavirus
Figure 3: Moody’s credit rating impact of Coronavirus by industry
Figure 4: Four global COVID-19 scenarios in 2025
Figure 5: Snapshot of the Back to (almost) normal scenario impact on telecoms in 2025
Figure 6: Snapshot of the Fragmented recovery scenario impact on telecoms in 2025
Figure 7: Snapshot of the Weak and distanced scenario impact on telecoms in 2025
Figure 8: Snapshot of the Better than before scenario impact on telecoms in 2025

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