Airports: The roles of 5G & private networks

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Airports are complex, multi-sector, multi-application, multi-stakeholder sites. They hold opportunities for both public & private 5G networks, although telcos need to choose their roles carefully.

This report is intended to be both a specific examination of an important sector of opportunity for Private 5G (P5G) and an example of the complexity of major industrial sectors and campus-based environments. It also covers opportunities for MNOs.


Format: PDF filePages: 46 pagesCharts: 7Author: Dean BubleyPublication Date: August 2021

Table of Contents

    • Executive Summary
      • Overview
      • Recommendations for Airport Operators & Airlines
      • Recommendations for Mobile Operators
      • Recommendations for Regulators & Policymakers
      • Recommendations for Vendors
    • Introduction
      • Sector trends and drivers affecting private networks
    • Evolving airport use-cases for 4G/5G
      • Understanding airports’ layout
      • Background: Public cellular at airports
      • From public to private connectivity: growth in B2B wireless
      • Specific use-cases for private 4G / 5G at airports
    • Airports – a subset of “campus” networks
      • Characteristics of campus networks
      • Adjacent trends
      • Campus networks: who is responsible?
    • Building & operating airport private networks
      • Supply-side evolution for airport networks
      • Airport stakeholders
      • Monetisation opportunities
      • Airport private network case studies
      • Can public 5G network slicing work instead of private 5G?
      • Where does Wi-Fi & other wireless technology fit?

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Long-term air passenger growth (pre-pandemic)
Figure 2: Airport zones and facilities layout
Figure 3: New connected device growth at airports driven by enterprise / B2B
Figure 4: Airports have a huge range of vehicles and mobile assets
Figure 5: Multiple deployment scenarios for campus / private networks
Figure 6: Examples of airport private network projects
Figure 7: Network suitability for selected airport use-cases

Keywords: 4G, 5G, ADP, aircraft, Airports, applications, automated, aviation, B2B, campus, cellular, Citymesh, connectivity, Covid-19, critical, enterprise, France, Germany, IoT, local licensing, model, networks, neutral-host, partners, private networks, regulator, security, spectrum, telcos, UK, US, vendors, verticals, Wi-Fi, wireless

Companies & technologies covered: Air France, Ericsson, Hub One, Lufthansa, Nokia, Vodafone