AI is starting to pay: Time to scale adoption

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AI, coupled with a data-centric approach and automation, looks like it is starting to pay back the operators who have led in this field. Where can industry leaders go next, and what are the key lessons for others on how to ‘jump the curve’?

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Format: PDF filePages: 39 pagesCharts: 15Author: Amy CameronPublication Date: December 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Developing an AI strategy: What is it for?
    • Telefónica: From AURA and LUCA to Telefónica Tech
    • Vodafone: An efficiency focused strategy
    • Elisa: A vertical application approach
    • Takeaways: Comparing three approaches
  • AI maturity progression
    • Adopt big data analytics: The basic building blocks
    • Creating a centralised AI unit
    • Creating a new business unit
    • Disseminating AI across the organisation
  • Using partnerships to accelerate and scale AI
    • O2 and Cardinality
    • AT&T Acumos
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • Index

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Telecoms has a high AI adoption rate compared with other industries
  • Figure 2: Elisa’s is not significantly more profitable than its peers
  • Figure 3: Comparison of capex intensity among leading AI adopters
  • Figure 4: Comparison of operators’ capacity to handle additional network demands
  • Figure 4: Telefónica Tech revenues and y-o-y growth, Q1 2020
  • Figure 5: Telefónica’s cumulative savings from its digital strategy, 2018-2020
  • Figure 6: Breakdown of Telefónica’s digital savings in FY 2019, EURmn
  • Figure 7: Vodafone’s digitisation achievements and ambitions
  • Figure 8: Vodafone and Telefónica are achieving roughly half of the total potential estimated value of A3 for telcos
  • Figure 9: Comparison of different data and AI strategies and achievements
  • Figure 10: How AI applications match against business model opportunities for telcos
  • Figure 11: Four stages in AI strategy maturity
  • Figure 12: Operators with centrally coordinated AI initiatives are more successful in progressing from PoCs to live AI deployments
  • Figure 13: Five types of AI partnerships telcos are pursuing
  • Figure 15: NCX combines multiple data sources into an overarching KPI
  • Figure 15: Key actions telcos can take to accelerate and scale AI

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: algorithms, AT&T, Cardinality, chatbot, cost savings, customer experience, edge computing, Elisa, employees, end-to-end automation, IoT, KPIs, natural language processing, new business, O2, partnerships, Personal Data, RAN, Telefonica, Virtual assistant, Virtualisation