Digital twins: A catalyst of disruption in the Coordination Age

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An introduction to digital twins, an approach to managing assets that is gaining increasing traction across many business sectors, and that will ultimately disrupt many industry business models.


Format: PDF filePages: 22 pagesCharts: 08Author: Andrew Collinson, Darius SinghPublication Date: August 2019

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Digital twins and the Coordination Age
    • What is a digital twin?
  • What do digital twins do?
    • How is a digital twin different from a simulation?
    • Why else are digital twins exciting?
    • So where is the money?
    • What are the challenges?
    • The evolving impact of digital twins
  • Digital twins for telcos
    • Potential internal applications
    • Speaking customers’ language
    • Telcos as providers of digital twins
  • Dating services for digital twins
    • Civil engineering: Making all the pieces work together in real life

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Example of a composite digital twin
  • Figure 2: A digital twin may comprise multiple sensors and sub-component models
  • Figure 3: Three functions of digital twins
  • Figure 4: How the impact of digital twins evolves
  • Figure 5: Screenshot of TIBDO digital twins demo video
  • Figure 6: A possible Internet for Things (I4T) ecosystem
  • Figure 7: Iotic Labs “Lego”
  • Figure 8: BAM Nuttall and Iotic’s learning camera application to monitor machines

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: business models, Coordination age, digital twins, Disruption, Innovation, IoT, telco strategy