Metaverse & Web 3.0: What are the telco plays in the Coordination Age?

How does the enhanced virtual world relate to the changes in behaviours and demands in the physical world?

Why is a Metaverse strategy necessary for telcos, what are the options, and how do you choose?

Developments in thinking about online applications are being influenced by two major themes: the idea of the Metaverse (a richer, virtual reality presentation of online worlds) and Web 3.0 (principles of increasing decentralisation of control and use of blockchains / distributed ledgers).

Telecoms companies were largely bypassed in the development of the internet other than in terms of connectivity standards. Is the same true with the Metaverse and Web 3.0, or are there relevant actions and developments that telcos can pursue?

Talk to STL’s analyst team to see how these trends are likely to play out, and how they may interplay with the Coordination Age – the demand to make better use of resources in both physical and virtual worlds. Those resources include time and attention as well as money and carbon, so there are some important nuances to outlook.

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Rosalind Craven, Senior Analyst

David Pringle, Associate Senior Analyst

Andrew Collinson, Partner and Research Director

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