$172bn Telecoms revenue threat: disruptive defence strategies and growth opportunities

Our latest report The Future of Voice and Messaging shows that telcos could lose up to $172bn from core revenues in five years, but also how they could make dramatic improvements to their voice and messaging strategies worth as much as $80bn.

Whether you work for a telco or a business that serves telcos, we believe there are three fundamental ways in which the insights in the report can add value to your business:

  • Optimise your strategy – there’s $80bn to play for
  • Base your business on more realistic forecasts and deeper insights
  • Learn how to compete with disruption

Covering each in turn, the key points are as follows.

1 Optimise your strategy – there’s $80bn to play for

All is not yet lost, and there are very few areas in which telcos can make a difference to the scale of $80bn, much of which is highly profitable, marginal revenue. Whether you are a telco or a key partner, investing in benchmarking your plans against the best in the market could produce major returns.
SMS Price vs. Penetration of Top OSP Messaging Apps
The report shows how telcos can fight to reduce this loss by $80Bn through intelligent optimisation of prices and bundles, service enablement, exploiting new standards such as WebRTC and VoLTE, creative approaches to own brand OTT services, and a greater focus on enterprise communications.

2 Base your business on more realistic forecasts and deeper insights.

Our forecasts have been the most prescient, aggressive, and sadly the most accurate, in the market. Even if you don’t particularly like what we are saying, how much better would your strategy and investment decisions be if your plans were based on an independent, expert view of the market?
Germany - High Wealth & Low Telephony
The report contains an in-depth analysis of the changing needs of both consumer and enterprise markets, and detailed mobile and fixed voice and messaging forecasts for US, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

3 Learn how to compete with disruption

Invaluable lessons in how to compete with disruptive competition can be found in our analysis of the successes and failures of telcos to deal with the incursion of such services into their heartland revenues. The report contains ‘OTT’ case studies on e.g. Whatsapp, KakaoTalk, and ‘Telco OTT’ plays such as TuGo.

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