Telecoms priorities: A snapshot from our State of the Industry survey

5G made a genuinely astonishing leap in terms of priorities over 8 months. Back in May 2020, net sentiment was negative such was the doubt raised by COVID over near term 5G plans in many markets. In Q1 2021 it’s “full speed ahead!” – apparently, although commentary in the survey suggested that the business case for 5G, and best way to implement it, is still a matter of significant debate.

Recruitment also recovered from a negative position in May 2020, which of course is greatly heartening.

Also racing up the priority list were Telco Edge and Sustainability – the latter also recovering from a net negative sentiment in May 2020.

The other risers relate to an ongoing focus on resilience and transformation, in line with our commentary on how well the industry has responded to the need to improve core capabilities in resilience and agility.

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