Telco Cloud July Update: Huawei & 5G SA – the start of NFV’s decline?

It’s still all change in the telco cloud space.

This month, the focus has shifted away from hyperscale computing players, back onto traditional network equipment players. Huawei continues to dominate industry news, and we’re hearing about challenger function vendors too. More below.

And look out for our webinar on Open RAN, where we explain what will really happen over the next five years.

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Telco cloud in the news: recent highlights

Big questions for big vendors

This one came up last minute – but we had to include it! Huawei has been completely barred from UK operators’ 5G networks. I’ll leave the geopolitical analysis to others. But undoubtedly it will have a big impact on the network equipment market. More on this soon!

Huawei’s competition are in the news too. Nokia’s share price fell 8% last week when rumours surfaced that Verizon had replaced it with Samsung.

5G SA hype ramping up…

Last month I predicted a flurry of announcements related to 5G SA cores, and I’m pleased to say I was right. We have Mavenir promoting trials with Deutsche Telekom, Verizon with an unspecified vendor (more on that later), and a bunch more rumored.

What’s interesting is the high proportion of less-proven “non-traditional” vendors in these announcements. Will they stick? Let me know what you think!

…and NFV hype winding down

The adoption of 5G SA is the main drive of the continuing trend towards truly cloud native network functions.

NFV remains important to enabling next-gen networks, but we expect to hear less about it. Vendors are already ditching the term – take VMware as an example.

As always, this is just a subset of what’s going on right now – read more on our hub!


Upcoming webinars

Open RAN vs Legacy RAN Architecture

Upcoming webinar: Open RAN – What should telcos do?

Alongside the roll-out of 5G cores and radios, Open RAN has shot up the agenda. In this webinar STL Partners will address the three most important sub-components of Open RAN (open-RAN, vRAN and C-RAN) and how they interact to enable a new, virtualized, less vendor-dominated RAN ecosystem. We’ll cover:

  • Why Open RAN matters – and why it will be about 4G (not 5G) in the short term
  • Data-led overview of existing Open RAN initiatives and challenges
  • Our recommended deployment strategies for operators
  • What the vendors are up to – and how we expect that to change

We will also share data from our recent report, Open RAN: What should telcos do?


Matt Pooley, Telco Cloud Practice Lead & Senior Consultant, STL Partners
David Martin, Associate Senior Analyst, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 4th August 2020
Time: 4pm BST

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