Challenges for telcos considering introducing SD-WAN

How to address some of these challenges

Lack of relevant skills or experience:

In our view, this is not a major barrier.

  1. Leading SD-WAN vendors collaborate closely with telcos to facilitate integration of their platforms with telcos’ networks and services.
  2. SD-WAN platforms provide management interfaces that are easy for non-technical staff to operate, and offer visibility into application workflows and network KPIs.

For example, Juniper SD-WAN uses Mist AI for network insights and automated troubleshooting; Contrail Orchestration provides automated implementation and assurance, with a customer portal for end-to-end WAN management.

How to differentiate SD-WAN service:

There are many mature SD-WAN vendors and platforms to choose between, and many types of offering.

  1. Ensure you choose an SD-WAN platform that suits the key needs of your customer base.
  2. Differentiation can also be achieved through the services telcos and vendors offer around SD-WAN products, e.g. good local market and language support.

Many major SD-WAN platforms do not offer technical documentation or support in local languages – providing this for enterprises could be a USP for operators launching SD-WAN in developing markets that are not yet well served.

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