STL Partners Middle East Summit 2019

STL Partners Middle East Summit

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9th December 2019, Dubai
Understanding the value of 5G to manufacturing, healthcare and other industries


5G is currently being rolled out in advanced markets and the initial focus is usually Fixed Wireless Access and Mobile Broadband.  But a big opportunity for the telecoms industry lies far beyond the consumer market: 5G can be key a driver in the transformation of industries – making them more efficient, coordinatedresponsive and profitable.  In fact, STL Partners believes that globally 5G can generate $1.4 trillion (or 1.44% of Gross Domestic Product) in 2030 for eight industries*.  This new value represents a huge opportunity for both forward-looking enterprises and for telecoms players with ambitions to move beyond pure connectivity.  

*Manufacturing; healthcare; transport & logistics; media, entertainment & leisure; construction, extractive industries, agriculture, retail  

This event 

In this event, STL Partners will draw on extensive research undertaken in the healthcare and manufacturing industries where we have interviewed dozens and surveyed hundreds of executives across developing and developed markets to understand their unique challenges and explore the value that 5G can bring to them.   

We will run through the value of specific 5G use cases. These include remote patient monitoring, High-definition virtual consultations and connected ambulances in healthcare and advanced predictive maintenance, precision monitoring and control, and augmented reality remote experts in manufacturing.  We will show how these use cases create value to all stakeholders and quantify this value by drawing on economic models we have developed by country for each industry.   

We will also look at the implications for the telecoms industry and what operators, regulators, and vendors must do to unlock value for enterprises and secure a meaningful role within the ecosystem as it develops.   

Who is the event for? 

The event is targeted at both enterprises within healthcare and manufacturing looking to understand how 5G can help them transform their businesses and their industry and to telecoms operators seeking to better understand the needs of these industries and the commercial options they should be looking to pursue.   

The event will cover general principles for operators looking to pursue 5G enterprise opportunities beyond connectivity so will be relevant whether you are committed to focusing on the healthcare or manufacturing verticals or not. 


STL Partners will present findings from the research programme and then stimulate discussion among participants by inviting questions from the audience and soliciting (anonymised) votes to questions.  The event will not be attended by the press and Chatham House rules will apply (nothing will be attributed to individuals or their organisations) to encourage open discussion, debate, and collaboration. 


Date: 9th December  

Location: Al Badir Ballroom, Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel (Madinat Jumeirah), Dubai

09.00 Registration  

09.30 Introductions and objectives  

09.45 Overview of the research programme  

  • Methodology, interviews, survey, modelling  

10.00 Headline results – the value of 5G to 8 industries: a $1.4 trillion opportunity in 2030   

  • Economic and social benefits to enterprises, governments, and consumers 

10.15 Healthcare deep-dive: specific use cases and benefits from 5G  

  • The ecosystem and value to the healthcare industry from 
    • Remote patient monitoring 
    • High-definition virtual consultations 
    • Connected ambulances 

11.15 Break  

11.30 Manufacturing deep-dive: specific use cases and benefits from 5G   

  • The ecosystem and value to the manufacturing industry from 
  • Advanced predictive maintenance 
  • Precision monitoring and control 
  • Augmented reality remote experts 

12.30 Implications for the telecoms industry  

  • Commercial strategy considerations for operators, regulators, and vendors  

13.30 Lunch 

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