Enterprise Wi-Fi vs Private Networks: The sum is greater than the parts

While private networks is a hot topic, the holistic appeal of Enterprise Wi-Fi is strong. What’s happening, and what are the defining characteristics that will determine superiority in customers’ eyes?

Despite significant interest in 5G private networks, Wi-Fi will retain its preeminent position for enterprise in-building connectivity. New Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 generations are game-changers that entrench and extend its role and utility in verticals, especially with 6GHz spectrum. Telcos and policymakers should broaden their vision towards “network diversity” rather than solely focusing on 5G.

Talk to STL Analysts Amy Cameron, Research Director, and Dean Bubley, Distinguished Associate, to discover the pain and inflection points, and how should the telecoms industry think more holistically about how to offer enterprise connectivity and related solutions?

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Amy Cameron, Research Director

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Dean Bubley, Distinguished Associate

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