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Edge Computing Use Case Directory Last updated: December 2023

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Telco Cloud Deployment Tracker Last updated: November 2023

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Network edge data centre forecast Last updated: November 2023

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Telco data monetisation use case directory Last updated: October 2023

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Is augmented reality a game changer for mobile networks?

Consumers and employees are beginning to adopt wearable devices that can live stream video to image recognition systems and expert advisors. Over time, these devices will place new demands on cellular networks.

Creating consumer value with smart Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is central to the value proposition of home connectivity, but can hamper good broadband experience. Smart Wi-Fi services can address consumer pain points, and build new value by enabling a suite of advanced services and establishing a stronger telco presence in the connected home.

Multivendor telco cloud: Mapping the pathway to success

As operators embark on their telco cloud journeys, what should they look out for and what lessons can they learn from others? This report analyses the strategies and progress of four operators leading the way in telco cloud transformation and sheds light on the lessons learned from their initial deployments.

Automation: Reaching full potential

The maturity of telco automations in the network OSS and BSS varies significantly. Some telcos are reporting significant headcount reductions from mature automations while others are still in the early stages of simple automation deployments. There are important steps telcos must consider if they are to reach maximum automation.