Customer Experience Research

What latest practices in customer experience and engagement are achieving success?

October 2018

How Zain Bahrain simplified and digitised customer engagement

How a customer care simplification and automation programme achieved the double whammy: reduced costs and improved customer experience.

February 2018

AI in customer services: It’s not all about chatbots

There’s no doubt that AI is a transformative technology, and chatbots are a focus for many telcos looking to benefit from it. We look at case studies from Telenor, Deutsche Telekom and AT&T to find telcos’ best path toward employing AI. Despite the hype, chatbots may not be the best first step.

September 2017

Telco digital customer engagement: What makes a winning strategy?

Our research into 47 global operators reveals divergence in telcos’ levels of digital customer engagement. In this report, we examine three strategies that emerge (Digital Nascent, Multichannel and Omnichannel) and the key factors for success, drawing on lessons from case studies in banking, retail and hospitality.

June 2017

Great customer experience: What’s the secret?

An excellent customer experience is a critical part of modern business, and one that most telcos really struggle with, achieving poor customer satisfaction ratings compared to almost every other industry. We’ve looked at a sample of leading companies with high customer approval ratings in telecoms and other industries, and found surprising commonalities in their approaches to providing a great customer experience, whether in the digital or physical world.

June 2017

MobiNEX: The Mobile Network Customer Experience Index, H2 2016

The quality of experience delivered by mobile data networks is a key indicator of current performance, and a foundation of future prospects in digital. Our MobiNEX ranking, updated with data from H2 2016, compares 80 operators across 25 countries. Over the past six months we have seen some big changes, particularly in China and the UK.

November 2015

Lag Kills! How App Latency Wrecks Customer Experience

Customer experience is fast becoming the new mantra for operators across the globe. But while improvements are being made in broadband speeds, customer experience and so forth, app latency and errors have largely gone ignored. This is despite the fact that both are important drivers of customer experience and of app developer profitability. Find out the relationship between latency and app errors and our analysis of those operators that are performing well and those that are ‘lagging’ behind.