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Creating and marketing a new blueprint for telco automation with Rakuten

Case study overview

Rakuten is a greenfield telco who has exhibited many industry-firsts in rolling out a cloud-native, highly automated network before spinning out Rakuten Symphony to bring this expertise and technology to other telcos

– Rakuten wanted to capture some of the key lessons that they have learnt and broadcast them to the market

– Rakuten therefore asked STL Partners to work with internal stakeholders to create several thought leadership reports focused on cloud-native and automation in telco networks and promote them via a webinar and infographic

Consulting services overview

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  • Analyse market trends and dynamics
  • Conduct market sizing and forecasting
  • Prioritise initiatives for new growth

Example deliverables

What was the approach?

– Carried out a market sizing exercise to estimate the number of cloud-native telco edge sites commercially deployed globally

– Drafted the 1st thought leadership report in the programme looking at the deployment of cloud-native telco edge sites globally

– Created an infographic highlighting the key findings from the 1st thought leadership report

– Conducted interviews with internal Rakuten Symphony stakeholders to learn lessons from their own mobile network rollout

– Drafted the 2nd thought leadership report in the programme highlighting a new blueprint for introducing automation to telco networks, as well as outlining the key benefits that telcos will experience

– Hosted a webinar to promote the 2nd thought leadership report


Key results from the project

– 2 thought leadership reports written and promoted

– Over 600 downloads across both reports

– 1 webinar promoting the reports which had 436 registrants and 115 live attendees


Example deliverables