Strategic marketing services

We help our clients to engage with key influencers and decision-makers within their customers. We create campaigns that leverage unique, thought-leading research and insights on technology-driven business opportunities.

Our campaigns are communicated via a range of compelling interactive online and offline solutions including reports, presentations, infographics, webinars, and private events. These marketing tools help our clients generate leads and drive meaningful conversations with their targets.

With STL Partners, I had total confidence in the process, the expertise and the deliverable: well-crafted, relevant, meaningful insight.  I have more work for STL.

Director of Edge Platforms

Juniper Networks

Juniper case study

See how we helped Juniper Networks build an insights-led campaign focusing on telco cloud to drive meaningful conversations with telco operators.

Our research involved conducting an extensive interview programme with telco operators globally understand:

  • the different approaches telco operators have taken in deploying telco cloud;
  • the outcomes that they have achieved thus far with their deployments;
  • the challenges they are facing in achieving success in their deployments and KPI targets;
  • what needs to change in order for telcos to succeed, particularly with the advent of 5G.

Strategic marketing services pack

Find out how we can help you:

  • Develop insights-led marketing
  • Position your company as a thought-leader
  • Engage with telco decision-makers

Project deliverables

Strategy report

The insights and key findings from the research were synthesised into a co-branded strategy report. Juniper has used this to promote its thought-leadership in the telco cloud domain to customers and prospects.


The headline findings from the research were also used to produce a visually compelling infographic. Juniper is distributing this to clients via different marketing channels, to promote the thought-leadership report.


STL hosted and facilitated a webinar with Juniper where key research findings were presented. This enabled Juniper to engage directly with interested parties within the telecoms community on the Telco Cloud topic.