Voice of market in the 5G and MEC API industry  

Conducting voice of market diligence for a telco operator in North America to recognise and capitalise on market opportunities 

Case study overview

STL aids clients in holistically understanding the voice of their customers, outlining what they look for in the value chain. We conduct in-depth interviews and/or survey programmes, with relevant ecosystem players which are developed and iterated to clients. This approach leverages insights from primary research and can be developed to enable tangible outcomes for the client. 

See how we supported a North American operator to: 

  • Evaluate market demand for 5G and MEC APIs by use case and vertical industry  
  • Pinpoint and prioritise specific market opportunities based on research findings
  • Producing tools to benefit customer engagement teams  

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Evaluate key market and client share drivers  

STL Partners orchestrated a tailored interview programme for app developers, operators, and hyperscalers. STL established what type of partners ecosystem players see themselves working with, their preferred way of consuming APIs, and the change in consumption pattern in the next 3-5 years. STL provided interview summaries for each interview discussion.  

Example deliverables

Example deliverables

Pinpoint and prioritise opportunities with APIs

STL Partners created and administered a survey programme with application developers to recognise the need for 5G/MEC APIs, use case maturity and key players within the market. STL showcased overall survey findings and insights which included: 

  • A breakdown of participants demographic, business unit and application vertical  
  • Factors that application developers consider most important when choosing partners
  •   Price analysis showing how much developers would be willing to pay for APIs

Producing tools to benefit our client’s customer engagement teams  

STL leveraged the insights from primary research in-tandem with its existing MEC model to develop two models that displayed: 

  • Overall size of the MEC market size over time by use case, industry, and country 
  • Size of the 5G/MEC API market and the total addressable opportunity

STL distilled research findings into an internal strategy report with integral strategic implications and recommendations encompassing: 

  • Key supply side challenges and opportunities – how the client should go to market based on primary research findings 
  • Strengths and weaknesses and fit with requirements of specific verticals and/or use cases 
  • Potential strategic opportunities ranked by the size of the opportunity and the ability to compete through objective data and ‘wisdom of crowd’ views

Finally, STL produced an external-facing thought leadership assets, which summarised key insights from the research programme. The assets can be accessed here

Example deliverables

Example deliverables