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3 Telcos Reach For Guns

Google: 3 Big Telcos Reach For Their Guns

A group of big European telcos are taking Google on over the costs of growing data use. Are the telcos really serious about helping media players or suicidally pursuing self-interest?

Googles Magician

How Google’s Chief Magician Stole the Show

Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, bedazzled the 2010 GSMA Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona. In his keynote address he told the industry exactly which parts of their lunch that Google will eat, simultaneously appeared to offer peace, showcased mesmerising new technologies, effortlessly took 45 minutes of questions from the floor, and then disappeared to widespread applause. Don’t get us wrong …

Mobile money 2.0

Mobile Money 2.0: strategic lessons from top case studies

Emerging nations have hogged the Mobile Money headlines but what is its potential in mature markets? Presentations at the 8th Teleco 2.0 Brainstorm in Orlando point to the immigrant and youth as potential hotspots and to roaming for a structure.

Digital Advertising 2.0

Digital Advertising 2.0: A New Value Chain

Just when telcos were getting their heads around mobile advertising, the ad industry starts to reinvent the idea of advertising around user-generated content, interactivity and communities. Speaking at the 8th Telco 2.0 Brainstorm, David Lang, President Mindshare Entertainment, explains what this means for telcos and the value chain.

Finance 2.0

Finance 2.0: nice assets, but where’s the business model?

At TelecomFinance, fear permeated every discussion with passive infrastructure sharing and emerging market growth identified as the only bright spots for investors. Notable by their absence were attempts to demonstrate new business models that can create value for telcos.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) 2.0

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) 2.0: mHealth Opportunities

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) appears to be finally coming of age. What business model challenges are bringing this about in Healthcare, and how can Telcos add value? Below are some videos and summary analysis from the Telco 2.0 AMERICA Executive Brainstorm in Orlando: – An overview of M2M and ‘Embedded Mobile’, with a sector focus on the opportunity in health, by Ken …

Voice and Messaging 2.0- Growing Enterprise Revenues

Voice and Messaging 2.0: Growing Enterprise Revenues

Presentations at the 7th and 8th Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorms on voice and messaging 2.0 put numbers on the value of comms-enabled business processes to SMEs and reveal a new telco business model based on telephone numbers as addressable SIP end points.

Customer Data and Privacy 2.0

Customer Data and Privacy 2.0 – Telco Goldmine?

Key to many of the value-added services opportunities presented by the ‘two-sided’ telecoms business model, the presentations on customer data and privacy were some of the most inspiring and intriguing of those at the Telco 2.0 AMERICA Executive Brainstorm in Orlando in December and the EMEA Brainstorm in London in November. It is also the focus of the Privacy 2.0 …