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Asian Telcos Leapfrog West

‘Leapfrogging the West’: can Asia/Pac and Arabian telcos jump ahead?

Global economic, social and political developments are rapidly accelerating innovation and growth opportunities in digital economies outside Europe and North America. In theory, telcos in APAC and MENA could avoid or at least navigate better the challenges of the Western telco business model cycle. But will they learn the lessons, or repeat the mistakes? Background In the last few years …

Gmail Voice

GMail voice – nice, but no Skype Connect

So you can now make telephone calls from within Google Mail. Well, among other things this is a fine example of something we said back in 2008 in the Consumer Voice & Messaging 2.0 strategy report. Jamie Zawinski said that every program tends to expand until it can read e-mail – we said that the same was now true of …

OFCOM Communications Review Customer of the future

OFCOM Communications Review: The Customer of the Future is Here

OFCOM’s annual Communications Market Review is out and it is of course packed with chewy data. Taking a first look into the 379 page behemoth, we’ve noticed a couple of interesting points about the industry and the customers of the future, the people who took centre stage in our Serving the Digital Generation strategy report. Before we get to that, though, …

Mobile Broadband Traffic Management

Top 10 Technology-Led Approaches to Mobile Broadband Traffic Management

Many mobile operators have to deal with short-term problems around capacity utilisation and improved management of their existing networks, as well as evolution to 3.5G/4G networks and new business models (as featured in our latest strategy report New Mobile, Fixed and Wholesale Broadband Business Models). Last week we published the articles Optimising Mobile Broadband Economics: Key Issues and Next Steps, …

LTE Long Term Evolution high speed radio network technology

LTE: ‘Longer Term Enthusiasm’?

Here’s a typically pithy summary of the recent well-attended LTE World Summit in Amsterdam by Dean Bubley, co-author of the Telco 2.0 ‘New Mobile, Fixed and Wholesale Broadband Models’ Strategy Report, founder of Disruptive Analysis, and long time Telco 2.0 Associate. LTE (‘Long Term Evolution’) is a new high speed radio network technology standard which is designed to increase the …

3 Telcos Reach For Guns

Google: 3 Big Telcos Reach For Their Guns

A group of big European telcos are taking Google on over the costs of growing data use. Are the telcos really serious about helping media players or suicidally pursuing self-interest?

Googles Magician

How Google’s Chief Magician Stole the Show

Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, bedazzled the 2010 GSMA Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona. In his keynote address he told the industry exactly which parts of their lunch that Google will eat, simultaneously appeared to offer peace, showcased mesmerising new technologies, effortlessly took 45 minutes of questions from the floor, and then disappeared to widespread applause. Don’t get us wrong …

Mobile money 2.0

Mobile Money 2.0: strategic lessons from top case studies

Emerging nations have hogged the Mobile Money headlines but what is its potential in mature markets? Presentations at the 8th Teleco 2.0 Brainstorm in Orlando point to the immigrant and youth as potential hotspots and to roaming for a structure.