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Edge computing telco

Telco operators need to adopt a joined-up approach to telco edge compute

There is much interest across the telecoms industry in edge computing. The key rationale behind this is that telcos – through their increasingly virtualised distributed network assets – are in a unique position to push workloads closer to devices, reducing latency and/or data volumes to centralised clouds, and thereby enabling new experiences and use cases, while enhancing existing ones. It is …

10 things you should know about telco edge computing

1) Telco edge compute can be broader than multi-access edge compute (MEC) or network edge compute Edge computing is a technology that brings the capabilities of hyperscale compute close to the end-user or end-device. For telecoms operators, edge compute is often treated as synonymous with mobile edge computing or multi-access edge computing: compute based on the edge of the network. …

Telcos can learn from AWS

Telcos should learn lessons from AWS in pursuing edge compute

Telcos planning to offer edge compute services should draw wider lessons from public cloud computing. For that, we need to go back to 2006 when Amazon launched S3 and EC2. At the time, Amazon’s cloud services were seen more a curiosity than a serious alternative for enterprises to entrust their mainstream compute workloads and data. Indeed many viewed it as …


Did BT’s CEO have the heart for the job? (And does yours?)

This article was originally posted by our Partner, Andrew Collinson, on LinkedIn. You can join the debate here. So BT’s CEO, Gavin Patterson, is to step down. The board liked the strategy but wanted someone else to front it. I met Gavin a few times when our time briefly overlapped at BT. He’s a very canny operator, extremely good at …

Home Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi is no longer fit for purpose

“Wi-Fi is a waste of a 1 Gbps pipe” – Rahul Patel, Qualcomm There’s been a lot of talk recently about mobile connectivity, as increasingly ubiquitous 4G means mobile video is close to reality, while the opportunities and challenges of 5G are still being discussed as 2020 deadlines approach. But what of Wi-Fi? Today, our home hubs are generally provided …

telco digital customer engagement

Priorities for telco digital customer engagement

Since the widespread adoption of smartphones and social media, methods for engaging customers and customers’ expectations from the brands they interact with have changed considerably. Customers now expect more real-time interactions. Consequently, many telcos are putting customer experience at the heart of their digital transformation initiatives.

mobile content telco growth

Can mobile content plays help telcos return to growth?

As mobile markets become increasingly competitive, telcos are looking at mobile content plays as a way to differentiate their offerings. The mobile content proposition is finally coming into its own, as the spread of 4G networks means high bandwidth demand uses such as video streaming are becoming a reality.
But mobile operators have traditionally offered very little in the way of content. So how should they approach a content play, and more importantly how can they use content to grow mobile ARPU to replace dwindling revenues as voice and SMS declines?

Evolving telco culture

What’s the best approach to evolving your culture?

Despite the need for a shift to a digital culture being felt by many operators, the task of changing culture is viewed as a real challenge and the most difficult domain to change in the context of digital transformation.

Network Slicing

Is there demand for network slicing?

At MWC this year we noticed a creeping upsurge in chatter about ‘network slicing’, as some pioneering operators held demonstrations at their stands. We investigate the fundamental question that remains unanswered – is there demand for network slicing?

telco snapchat

Why can’t telcos do a Snapchat?

Why can’t telcos do a Snapchat? The answer to this question is they did: it was called the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) – remember that? So why has Snapchat succeeded where MMS failed? The success and failure factors become more obvious when you look at the differences between the two services.

Reliance Jio free trial

Reliance Jio’s free trial strategy: Are ‘free’ models the future?

Reliance Jio has caught the eye of everyone in the industry, having broken records in terms of mobile subscriber acquisition in the last few months. Since it launched its offer in September 2016, it acquired 50 million subscribers in 83 days, the rate of which surpassed even the likes of Facebook and Whatsapp. But will it be a success in the long run?

NB-IoT connectivity spanish cities

Will NB-IoT help or hinder the evolution of IoT?

Vodafone recently announced that it has completed its first commercial roll-out of NB-IoT connectivity in the Spanish cities of Valencia and Madrid. This is the first part of a broader roll-out in Spain, which will include implementing NB-IoT in Barcelona, Bilbao, Málaga and Seville by the end of March 2017. NB-IoT is the licensed spectrum answer to low power wide …

Vodafone Pay TV

Time for Vodafone to revisit a Virgin Media deal?

Vodafone is shelving plans to launch a pay TV offering in the UK, saying: “Our focus in the UK is on broadband, where we’re seeing good growth. We will look at launching TV in the UK when we deem it necessary and commercially appropriate.” CEO Vittorio Colao said that the company has decided to put it on hold indefinitely, although the service could be launched “within weeks”.

Telco data for AI

Real-world data: The diamonds are in the detail

Artificial intelligence is improving rapidly thanks to the growing use of deep neural networks to teach computers how to interpret the real world. These networks use vast amounts of detailed data to enable machines to learn, further increasing demand for reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity. For example, the development of safe autonomous cars depends on millions of vehicles capturing enormous amounts of information about how human drivers handle cars when confronted with specific road layouts, weather conditions, traffic and accidents. The best artificial intelligence systems will be built using the best datasets sourced using 100% reliable connectivity provided by telcos.

Telefónica Cornerstone UK Deal

O2 UK: How much more will Telefónica spend on a market it wants out of?

Telefónica’s O2 UK is in the process of renegotiating its mobile network-sharing deal with Vodafone. The project, known as Cornerstone, has been in place since 2012, building on prior sharing deals, and has allowed both players to grow their 3G and 4G coverage at a reduced cost. However Telefónica wants to exit the UK market, but has failed to both sell and float O2 UK. Is Cornerstone under threat?