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With ever-tightening CapEx and OpEx restrictions, how should you invest in 5G infrastructure?

Tech players have differentiated and scalable platforms, and use CapEx to build cloud compute technology to protect their high margins. But operators invest to protect connectivity services that get cheaper and where margins are being squeezed each year.

Selective investment for operators could be key. And big tech players have shown that investing in associated platforms and services can drive revenue and profit growth.

If you’re a telco or vendor wondering when or what type of 5G investment to make, this session will help you ask new questions and challenge your plans.


Presenters: Chris Barraclough, Partner and Dave Burstein

Time: 12:30-1:30pm GMT

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First broadcast: 11 December 2018

In this webinar we looked at the opportunities in distributed cloud for telcos and how they could be realised.

Applications developers need to engage to get the most out of the possibilities. We showed a new edge use case related to augmented reality (chosen by user vote ahead of the session). And we looked at the effective business models.

Our guest speaker from MobiledgeX, a leading mobile edge innovator, talked about what they’re achieving and where they see telcos can monetise existing infrastructure investments. Including SDN/NFV transformations and more future-facing investments like MEC.

Dalia Adib, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Jason Hoffman, Chair, MobiledgeX

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Download the documents from the event:
Jason Hoffman's MobiledgeX presentation
Dalia Adib's presentation
Q and A from the session

First broadcast: 8 August 2018

This webinar covered our predictions for 5G.

We shared our assessment of the opportunities and barriers - including how and when it will impact different markets. How 5G will change the shape of the industry may not be what you expect, especially how it combines with other technologies and industry trends.

Topics include:
* Realistic deployment and uptake timelines
* Verticals and use-cases
* Role of enterprise / private networks
* Fit with NFV, WiFi, edge computing and AI
* Impact of geopolitics, spectrum regulation and lobbying

Andrew Collinson, Research Director, STL Partners
Dean Bubley, Associate Director, STL Partners

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