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Physical retail is changing at telcos

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to digital and directly impacted the way in which people buy telecoms products. It

What is mobile payment?

A mobile payment is the transfer or payment of funds typically to a person, merchant or business for bills, goods

Top five telcos for sustainability in path to net-zero

STL Partners’ 2022 telecom’s sustainability scorecard benchmarked performance of 45 companies (telecoms operators’ and a selection of adjacent market companies)

How telcos use data fabrics

Telcos are working towards implementation of data mesh and data fabric concepts to create a “single view of the customer”

Telco cloud will drive network evolution

One of the core value propositions of telco cloud platform providers is that they offer to deliver to telcos a

Telcos face challenges in being loved brands

Loved brands create strong emotional bonds with their customers, through a set of values and beliefsthat customers can identify with

5G Consumer propositions and benefits

How is consumer 5G doing so far? With the rollout and commercialisation of 5G consumer tariffs in 2019, it is

From Telco to Techco

Telco to techco – what does it mean? The concept of changing from a telco to a techco (a telecoms

5G for business: An update on telco pioneers

SK Telecom, Verizon and Telstra have looked to expand their 5G networks and to provide businesses with more opportunities to

Telcos see private cellular and edge as two peas in a pod

Telecoms operators see private cellular and edge computing as part of a larger revenue opportunity beyond fixed and public cellular.

Metaverse and VR to drive traffic growth

If you take a loose definition, the Metaverse is already generating a lot of traffic. Gaming generated 5.67% of IP

Policy & Charging in the 5G era

5G charging and policy network function will be fundamental to driving greater revenue, speed and control for operators.