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Strategic Marketing

STL Partners' consulting team runs dedicated strategic marketing programmes for our clients. We work with clients to identify and approach partners - typically telecoms operators - with the aim of securing innovative collaboration agreements. This requires a more engaged approach than traditional "proposition pitching", often involving bespoke research, generating unique insights and co-creation of joint services through open dialogue and brainstorming workshops. Thanks to the many years of experience, telecoms focus and deep understanding of adjacent industries, STL partners is able to uniquely combine the contacts, skills and techniques to ensure such programmes are successful. Not a typical consulting assignment, nor typical marketing services, but the best of both.

Our strategic marketing programmes may combine:

Bespoke Research

  • Used internally by our client - to support their own insight and strategy
  • Used externally with prospects and accounts - as a marketing asset to build thought leadership and drive awareness
  • Published through our Research Programme to our 45,000 strong telco community - to generate leads and build richer conversations

Proposition Development

  • Review existing proposition and positioning
  • Refine and bring evidence to key claims (potentially through additional research)
  • Test new proposition with "friendly" members of our Telco 2.0 community 

Single Partner workshops and brainstorms

  • Define and develop workshop scope / agenda
  • Identify attendees, invite and secure attendance
  • Facilitate workshop and contribute stimulus presentations / materials
  • Define and support "next steps"

Multi-party workshops and brainstorms

  • Breakfast / lunch sessions at key industry events (e.g. MWC)
  • Dedicated "regional" workshops (ideally with non-competing attendees) 
  • Dedicated "country" workshops

Over the past 10 years, we have run many such programmes both for established industry leaders and for smaller fast-growing technology companies. This activity is often undertaken in close collaboration with our research publication activity. 

To discuss your strategic marketing objectives and how STL Partners might best support you in delivering these, please contact us on