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Focused Implementation

STL Partners has developed a pre-defined package of services to help our clients address specific strategic priorities in a focused way. These Rapid Impact Programmes typically combine insight, interactive sessions with a multi-functional client team and are delivered by a combination of experienced STL consultants and specialist industry practitioners who are up-to-date experts in their fields. Because we have already undertaken much of the preparatory work, we can move quickly and deliver value for our clients in weeks, not months. We also maintain the content and workshop formats to ensure that the programmes are always forward-looking, bringing cutting-edge thinking rather than outdated perspectives.  

We don't just run workshops and then disappear. All the programmes include on-site preparation with the client's core team and several months of implementation programme follow-through where the team are available to advise and support with unforeseen challenges. 

The end-to-end programmes currently supported by STL Partners are:

  • Cloud
  • Media
  • Internet of Things
  • Healthcare
  • Commerce, Payments & Financial Services
  • Education
  • Identity Services
  • Data Monetisation & Advertising

To discuss your strategic priorities and how STL Partners might best support you in delivering these, please contact us on

Example Rapid Impact Programmes


The $50bn+ digital identity market represents one of the last major access points in the digital economy that is not conclusively owned by a small number of technology players, and for which operators could realistically stake a claim. However, Facebook, Google and others are now pushing aggressively into this space, and operators need to move quickly or risk losing out. STL Partners offers a tailored Rapid Impact Programme to prioritise and develop key initiatives in this rapidly developing space.
  Internet of Things
The much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT) has significant growth potential with many predicting billions of connected devices by 2020. But how real is the opportunity, and how do you capitalise on it? To date, most companies have focused on tactical, M2M services rather than strategic, IoT opportunities which emphasise data sharing and interoperability. STL Partners has tailored a Rapid Impact Programme to demystify these opportunities and ensure you stay ahead of the game.

With the right strategy, telcos can take a larger share of the $40bn + and growing Cloud Market. We now offer tailored programmes for clients looking to save time and improve market performance by fast-tracking their Cloud Strategy, helping to size market potential, benchmarking against external best practice, securing internal alignment of objectives and plans, prioritising key activities, and selecting candidate vendor partners as required. The programmes are based on our proprietary Cloud 2.0 Research and run by our experienced senior analysts who have hands-on experience of delivering cloud services in the real world.


To discuss your specific strategic priorities and how STL Partners might best support you in delivering these, please contact us on