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Digital Maturity

STL Partners works globally with telecoms operators looking to understand how digitally mature their business is, and how they can accelerate their digital transformation.

In collaboration with the Open ROADS Community, STL Partners has developed a comprehensive methodology and tool for operators and other enterprises looking to assess digital maturity and transformation - the Open Digital Maturity Model. The ODMM, and associated scores, allow operators to measure and benchmark their progress towards becoming Digital Service Providers.

Our wider work around digital maturity includes:

  • Digital maturity assessment: Performing a bespoke implementation of the Open Digital Maturity Model for clients looking to understand their progress with digital transformation.
  • Assessment and definition of transformation initiatives:  Setting out strategic options, frameworks and implementation plans for operators looking to transform.
  • Transformation planning & metrics: Defining the detailed plan to translate transformation strategy into practice, where necessary adjusting the incentive structure to align management with new objectives.  
  • Transformation initiative implementation: Where specific initiatives are identified, supporting the relevant teams to carry the initiative through to implementation.

For more information about the Open Digital Maturity Model, or our wider work around digital maturity, please contact us.