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Digital Innovation

To avoid commoditisation, build relevance and secure new revenue opportunities, the telecoms operators we work with seek to transition from a traditional telco business model to a new one, inspired and anchored in digital business practices. This transition is typically focused on concrete initiatives in three areas:

  • Seeking to introduce new digital services in a way that works - quickly, flexibly and complimenting core connectivity services
  • Evolving their customer engagement models to digital ones
  • Transforming core communications services, with the adoption of NFV, SDN and distributed computing

All three require digital innovation.

STL partners works with operators across the world to do this. We do this by combining best practices from pure digital players (both established giants and start-ups) within the technical, operational and reporting constraints of an operator, to meet objectives that serve both the core business and digital "standalone" value creation.

This requires adopting iterative user-centric approaches to defining, developing, introducing and evolving new services. It also requires taking a fundamentally different approach to planning, business case definition and fast failure. We work intensely on-site with clients ensuring that the work is done in an accelerated agile manner while still meeting wider business objectives through effective governance and by focusing on the metrics that matter.

More specifically, we do this through:

  • New digital service innovation: We have a 12 week end-to-end programme that takes clients from an aspiration through to building and "soft-launching" a prototype minimal viable proposition - and everything in between. We bring all the specialist skills needed across the project's lifecycle including creating prototypes and designing the user journey. 

  • Innovation Scouting: In some cases it may be preferable to identify innovation from other parts of the world (and not necessarily silicon valley) and work with proven partners (established or emerging) to adapt and introduce the service to the local environment. STL Partners works with clients in evaluating potential partners and then supporting the partnership through to proof-of-concept.    

  • Engagement model transformation: Developing a detailed vision of the target engagement model that our client seeks to evolve requires getting close to the customer and the operators' technology roadmap. It also requires understanding which customer needs the operator can realistically aspire to address and which it cannot. We define a programme of customer research, brainstorming and capabilities assessment to produce the blueprint for a new model and the go-to-market plan to achieve this. We will also support our client in implementing this. 

To discuss your digital innovation plans and how STL Partners might best support you in delivering these, please contact us on