STL Partners

Telco 2.0 Growth & Innovation

Innovation Scouting Service

The Client

Middle Eastern Innovative Operator


The Challenge

The rise of the smartphone has reduced the control operators have over the services on the device, allowing other players to provide digital services. However with the rise of the smartphone and other new technologies (e.g. IoT) communications operators are potentially well positioned to play an increased role in the digital world. In order to take advantage of new opportunities operators need to understand how they can play and act fast. Rather than create services from scratch, it can be faster and easier to scout for partners with proven solutions.


STL's Approach

Between June 2012 and December 2015, STL Partners worked continuously with the client's innovation team, providing innovation scouting services. STL Partners' role was to source, identify and evaluate innovative products and services using a bespoke Opportunity Assessment Framework.

STL has assessed new opportunities in: Gaming, Video, Music, Identity & Authentication; Search & Discovering; Location Services; Cloud Services; Retail Solutions; E-commerce; Payments; Loyalty; Ticketing; Promotions; Advertising: IT Solutions; Communication Services; Wearables; Internet of Things.



STL’s service enabled our client to accelerate its innovation funnel and evaluate over 100 new opportunities, resulting in 5 proofs of concept.

STL was re-appointed for 3 years running by this client: the only advisor to achieve this accolade. We have earned a reputation for bringing consistently high quality insight and analysis, even for the most demanding assignments.


The STL Difference

Rigour, analysis, clarity of findings and a willingness to use external adjacent industry experts when necessary.