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Industry Research Programme: Agile Transformation

The Client

Global Technology Company


The Challenge

The client was seeking to understand how best to support transformation within the telecoms industry, based on the potential opportunities and challenges that operators are facing. As operators look to transform their businesses they are seeking to become more ‘agile’, allowing them to move at speed to address new opportunities and reduce costs.


STL's Approach

STL undertook an in-depth industry research programme to explore where and how telcos need to transform to become more agile. This involved interviewing 30 Senior Executives from operators across the globe. The findings of this research were detailed in a report for industry, The ‘Agile Operator’. Furthermore STL developed a unique tool that allowed operators to assess how far along they are in this agile transformation process compared against their peers.



The client gained insight into the key challenges and potential opportunities facing the industry and re-designed their proposition to better support operators during their transformation process. Furthermore the industry report and agility tool has helped operators better understand and articulate the vision for where and how they must transform.


The STL Difference

STL was able to leverage its strong relationships with industry to develop a comprehensive assessment of the transformation aspirations of telecoms operators.